StarIQDrew Barrymore: Happily Ever After at Last?
by Jill Dearman Syndicate

A Fairytale Character

  Born into a theatrical family dynasty, Drew Barrymore had a big surname to live up to. When she was only a little girl, she stole hearts as Gertie in Steven Spielberg's timeless alien visitor fairytale E.T. But at age eleven she was already following in the footsteps of several other Barrymores as she developed severe addiction problems. With such a heavy water sign chart (she has the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus in water signs), it's not surprising that sensitive Drew fell into such depths of misery and escapism.

  Drew’s Sun falls in the imaginative, but sometimes self-destructive sign of Pisces, in her Tenth House of career. Also, in Pisces, in her career house, are Drew's Jupiter (good fortune and excess) and her Venus (love and art). With all this artistic but fragile Piscean energy at the top of her chart, it's no wonder Drew has suffered the blessings of fame and great talent and the curse of alcohol and drug dependency, all very much in the public eye.

Drew's Romantic Nature

  Drew recently announced her engagement to MTV funny man Tom Green. Typical of a strong Pisces, Drew is drawn less to traditional good looks and status in a mate, and more to an "offbeat" quality and a slightly wounded M.O. As most people know by now, the goofy Mr. Green recently underwent surgery for testicular cancer. When he first made the announcement of his condition, many in the news media thought the comedian was pulling their leg. It is just this kind of humor and vulnerability that Drew would be drawn to, though. She has Venus in Pisces, which is considered "exalted" because of the extreme empathy of this placement. Venus in Pisces truly believes it is better to give than to receive.

  In Drew's case, her Venus is at the 29th degree of Pisces (the highest it can go before it moves into the next sign). Many astrologers consider this significant. When a planet is in the 29th degree, it is thought to express itself in a very extreme way. In her case, Drew would be likely to express the Piscean qualities of wanting to help and heal and show compassion to the highest, most extreme degree possible. No wonder then, that these two young stars made and stuck by their commitment during a potentially tragic time in the groom-to-be's life.

  Also, during this engagement period, two key planets, Jupiter and Saturn, will be transiting Drew's Gemini Ascendant bringing her luck and purpose in all her efforts to come into her own as an individual. Though marriage is certainly on her mind, her film development company, Flower Productions, will also very likely prosper during this next year and a half.

  Jupiter and Saturn will also be making significant aspects to her Descendant (thought of metaphorically as "the doorway" to her house of love). Since Sagittarius is the sign on the cusp of this house of love, it seems fairytale perfect that Drew chose a mate with such Sag-like qualities. Tom Green treats every subject as good comic fodder, and by laughing at himself (even while going through surgery to remove a cancerous testicle!) he encourages the world to lighten up and enjoy life while they can.

Ever After?

  The next few years for Barrymore and Green look dreamy indeed. Beginning in April 2001, Jupiter will transit Drew's Second House of security, where her Saturn and the Moon both reside in the homey, familial sign of Cancer. Saturn will follow Jupiter through this area beginning in July 2003. It's a wonderful time to play house (Jupiter's fun vibes) and make a real home together (Saturn's serious intentions).

  But in February 2003, an intense transit could spark huge changes in Drew's personal life. At that time, Pluto, the volatile planet of self-transformation, will cross her Descendant, and could trigger major changes in her intimate relationships. Pluto is associated with Lazarus-like experiences of metaphorical death and rebirth. Drew will need to re-examine her "dark side," and meditate on what forces within her own psyche may still pull her toward self-sabotage.

  The important thing for Drew will be to put a part of her own destructive nature firmly in the past, while still seeing it clearly enough to learn a valuable lesson from it. Self-knowledge will be the key to whether this transit turns out to be a blessing or a curse for this Princess Charming.

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