StarIQPicture Perfect Couple: Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston
by Jill Dearman Syndicate

  Hollywood glamour reached a peak this summer when Friends star Jennifer Aniston married movie star Brad Pitt. Although much attention is paid to their prettiness (to the point of making the public a little sick perhaps), it is actually something more warm than hot between these two that makes their relationship tick, and will probably make it stick for a long, long time. Dare I say it? Friendship.

  In astrology, Aquarius is the sign of platonic love and the ideal friendship. This ideal certainly isn't opposed to a powerful sexual connection (most Aquarians are known for their most unconventional carnal desires), but the friendship definitely has to be there for the passion to develop.

  Jennifer Aniston was born with the Sun (representing who she is in the world) in Aquarius, making a very sweet sextile to Brad Pitt's Sun in Sagittarius. The sextile aspect represents the close relationship between two compatible elements. In this case, the bride's airy Aquarian nature blends seamlessly with the groom's fiery Sagittarian temperment. They complement each other.

  In additon, Pitt's Sagittarian Sun is in the same sign as Aniston's Sagittarian Moon. Since Sagittarius is the sign of the youthful adventurer and wild man (or woman!) who later matures into a generous philosopher, the stars certainly bode well for these two to grow even more deeply in tune and in love as the years pass. The chance of a relationship lasting over time goes way up when one person's Sun (outer nature) is in sync with the other's Moon (inner nature).

Lucky For Love

  There's also a certain amount of good fortune that hangs over this romance. Astrologically, Jupiter (which happens to be the planet that rules Pitt's Sun sign, Sagittarius) is synonymous with good luck. Jupiter acts as a passionate ally to this relationship. Anniston's Jupiter in Libra is opposite Pitt's Jupiter in Aries.

  In astrology, (as in life) opposites attract, but also bump up against tension and friction sometimes. In the case of these famous lovers, each source of passionate disagreement could actually turn out to be lucky for them, because it represents a new chance to compromise, see the other's point of view and grow within the relationship.

Brad: A Father Figure?

  Although Pitt is thought of as quite the boyish charmer, there is another side to him that his new wife will probably feel in a deep way over time. Pitt's Saturn, the heavy planet of teaching and responsibility that often has a "fatherly" feel, sits on Aniston's Sun. This aspect suggests that he may feel obligated to push her to be her best, stretch herself (especially out in the world - in her career) and at times she may resent him for it.

  In addition, Aniston's Saturn in Aries makes a square to Pitt's Venus ("feminine" planet of romance), while Pitt's Saturn makes a square to Aniston's Mars ("masculine" planet of sexuality and aggression). Squares are stubborn aspects that force us to see another person's point of view, whether we like it or not.

  It definitely seems like these two actors were meant to be allies to each other in the world. Sometimes they may tell each other what they don't want to hear, but it's always with good intentions. Neither is afraid to talk about the difficult issues. They may aggravate each other at times, but chances are they will really trust each other, too. Sounds a lot like a solid friendship base for a long-term relationship, doesn't it?

The Future for the Newlyweds

  As if marriage weren't enough of a huge change for Brad and Jennifer, there's even more in store! Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius), planet of abrupt change and progress, passes over Brad Pitt's Saturn around his 36th birthday in late 2000. He may decide it's time to take charge of his career in a more controlling way - producing seems likely. Or perhaps he'll be inspired by his work with Guy Ritchie (who directs him in the upcoming Snatch'd) and get behind the camera.

  Around Aniston's 32nd birthday in February 2001, her ruler, Uranus, will pass over her Aquarian Sun. She is likely to show the public a very controversial side of herself. However, after the initial "oh my God!" reaction of the press and fans, her work will likely usher in a small but significant change in the culture at large.

  Pitt and Aniston seem lucky to have found each other, and they truly have the potential to be a super couple and solid comrades in the sometimes ruthless world of Hollywood.

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